We are part of a Natural Environment, we can sense it, we can contemplate it,  we can learn about it and we can and should care for it.


Learning intellectually about it opens up our natural curiosity and feeds it with never-ending wonders. It also makes us understand the interconnections between all beings in this delicate net of equilibriums. Besides, our sensitivity makes us go beyond the mind and integrate natural richness and oneness into our understanding. Consciousness and knowledge enable a coherent relationship with our surroundings.

Kundalini Yoga teaches you the techniques and the consciousness to stay healthy.

"Through its practice, you will have a  strong immune system, a resistant nervous system, vigourus glands, a good circulation and a consciousness about the consequences of your habits.   It opens the path towards change and healing, bypassing limitations and going through blockages, to finally access our own creative potential and use it to elevate our  consciousness and irradiate it into all aspects of our life" Yogi Bhajan.

Podal Reflexology:   stimulates reflex areas in the feet,  relaxing and triggering    self-healing reactions.

Biomagnetism: uses pairs of magnets of opposite charges. It is a preventive as well as healing therapy.

Masotherapy: It helps the release of physical and energetical blockage and relaxes the being.

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Art - often  an irrational  language, yet it   says more than  rational words...

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